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900 West End Ave. #9D

New York, NY 10025


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Services include:
  • Interior Building Surveys (with varying degrees of complexity based on client need)

  • Exterior Building & Sidewalk Surveys

  • NEW - Aerial (Drone) Photo Inspections 

  • Phone Surveys

  • Retail & Office Surveys

  • Contractor Job Site Surveys

  • Restaurant & Nightclub Surveys

  • Mortgage, Realty & Banking Site Photo Inspections

  • Foreclosure Checks

  • Recommendation Compliance Support

  • Municipal Photo Collection

  • Vehicle Photo Inspections


Territory covered:
  • Phone Inspections – Nationwide

  • Physical Inspections – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona & Southern California.
    (New Territories are being added constantly, just ask)


Survey Features:
  • All physical surveys include our comprehensive sidewalk inspection based on New York City's 2003 sidewalk legislation.

  • Our proprietary Intrepid Safety Scoring system.

  • Easy to understand recommendations with clear photos and individual descriptions to allow for prompt compliance.  All life safety recommendations are based on the NFPA Fire Code.