Baseball Prospectus June Subscriber Special

Intrepid Inspections was founded on the same principles that guide Baseball Prospectus:  High level thought and smart
implementation of the ideas that come from it.   

For the month of June, we are offering 5 free physical or phone surveys (see current coverage territory below) to
anyone who mentions this special.  

The quality of our inspections, combined with our turnaround time and pricing put us far ahead of our competition.   

At Intrepid, we donate $1 from every inspection we perform to charity and all inspections performed as a result of this
partnership with Baseball Prospectus will result in donations to RBI- a charity that works to promote baseball in inner cities.  

 Our Services Include:
  • Interior Building Surveys
  • Exterior Building & Sidewalk Surveys
  • Phone Surveys
  • Retail & Office Surveys
  • Contractor Job Site Surveys
  • Restaurant & Nightclub Surveys
  • Lead Paint Testing
  • Mortgage, Realty & Banking Site Photo Inspections
  • Foreclosure Checks
  • Recommendation Compliance Support
  • Municipal Photo Collection
  • Vehicle Photo Inspections
  • Web-Based Inspection Database
 Inspection Territory Covered:
  • Phone Inspections – Nationwide
  • Physical Inspections – Downstate New York, New Jersey, and
    Philadelphia (New Territories are being added constantly, so just ask.

For more information or to submit a request please contact Tim Carvin at 646.863.3039 or tcarvin@intrepidinspections.com.